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August 17, 2015 Jennifer Geisler

Do you see a future in network security? Look into ForeScout.

Do you look at network security differently? At ForeScout, we do. We see new possibilities that are helping us grow. I mean really grow…at close to 50 percent a year. We may not be atop the crowded security market (yet), but we’re certainly on top of the world in the network access control space and setting a new mark in network security.

Unlike most start-ups, we’ve been around 15 years and have real products. Oh, and by the way, industry analysts and our customers are raving about them. According to Frost and Sullivan, “ForeScout leads the pack with advanced interoperability.” And we’ve been a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control five consecutive years.

Our Board of Directors has quite a pedigree, including David DeWalt (CEO of FireEye) and Enrique Salem (former CEO of Symantec). And the company is lead by Michael DeCesare, our CEO and former President of McAfee. Mike has the vision to take us to the next level and is committed to building a world-class company. That’s why he’s challenged us to hire incredible talent. Check us out at

Are you a new breed of employee? Take our pre-screening test:

1) Are you full of ideas, but not big-headed?

2) Tired of turf battles, disingenuous managers and shallow atta-boys/atta-girls for a job well done?

3) Do you long to work with coworkers at the high end of the competence curve?

4) Are you fearless?

5) Do you have good hygiene? Okay, at least fair hygiene?

6) Are you passionate about computer privacy and security?

7) Would you like to see cybercriminals step inside the Octagon with Ronda Rousey?

8) Have you ever failed at something?

If so, you might have what it takes to work at ForeScout.

You need personality.

You’ve got to have personality to work at ForeScout. Plus, you need a point of view and the ability to share it. We’re not looking for recluses or misfits. We want people who are genuinely excited about working on leading-edge cyber security initiatives. People who understand the incredible opportunities facing BYOD, mobile computing, securing IoT devices and making all of today’s security systems work better together. This requires that you speak, communicate well and get along with others.

Think network security is boring?

If you think security is a bore, you may fit in well with some companies in the Valley, but not here. However, if you’re looking to contribute and drive change in what is one of the biggest challenges facing society, business and international security, we should talk—IN A LOUD AND ENTHUSIASTIC VOICE.

This might perk you up.

Did someone mention perks? Oh Ya. We’ve got lots of them. Paid lunch. A stocked break room that puts Trader Joe’s to shame. Plus, there’s a comprehensive benefits package and more.

Phrases you’re NOT likely to hear at ForeScout:

“Back in the good old days.”

“At my old job, we always did it this way.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Let’s fly it up the flagpole.”

“I can’t remember my Ashley Madison password.”

“What’s that smell coming from the refrigerator?”

This is a great time to join the company, and we have open positions in a variety of career paths, as you can see here:

If you think we’re a good match, please apply!

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