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May 19, 2016 Jennifer Geisler

Twitter: @gogeisler

It’s no longer possible to ignore the trends of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD). They’re here, they’re happening and they’re transforming the way organizations manage network access. The days when organizations could sustain an IT environment in which 100 percent of the endpoints accessing the network were corporate-owned (managed) are gone. Even if your IT policy dictates the sole use of IT managed devices, it’s unrealistic to assume all your employees will leave their personal cell phones, iPads and laptops at home. Today’s employees and contractors are using personally owned (unmanaged) laptops, tablets and smartphones at work- and circumventing policies if a structure is not in place to accommodate them.

The Harvard Business Review recently reported that “Bring Your Own” Technology is more prevalent in high-performing, customer-oriented workforces. If the two are proven to work hand in hand, it’s in your organizations best interest to build policies and processes to support BYOD.

We understand that for IT managers, there has to be a middle ground to maintain some level of control and sanity. Good news- there is! It’s called a managed diversity model, published by Gartner. This new model gives endpoint computing a structured compromise toward end-user device choice while protecting assets and supporting end-user productivity.

The report also:

  • Discusses the Managed Diversity Model* in depth
  • Addresses IT’s most pressing endpoint management concerns in today’s rapidly changing-and challenging-enterprise security environment
  • Offers suggestions to minimize organizational risk while maximizing productivity

These types of reports can be costly, but as usual, ForeScout has your back. You can download it for free here: https://www.forescout.com/gartner-managed-diversity-model/

Do yourself, and your employees, a favor and download the report to learn about how you can securely incorporate the BYOD and CYOD trends into your network security practices.


*Use Gartner’s Managed Diversity Model for BYOD and CYOD to Manage and Safeguard Users, IT and the Business, G00276989

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