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May 31, 2016 Dan Lamorena

New York is the next stop on the Unusual Suspects World Tour, or as our technical account managers call it The ForeScout Best Practices Seminar (BPS). ForeScout will be serving up insights from a number of cybersecurity practitioners and technology experts for your educational enjoyment. But, perhaps even more importantly, it’s pretty rare when you are able to network with your peers and trade best practices.

To get us fired up for the New York BPS, I chatted with Brian Gumbel who is Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Sales for ForeScout, a New Yorker and resident food expert. Here’s what he had to share:

Dan: Brian, you’ve been wandering the earth talking to customers due to the global nature of your role. What are the biggest challenges you hear IT security organizations facing?

Brian: The biggest issues I hear are first, it’s very difficult to recruit and retain great talent, especially with such a shortage in tech talent. Second, companies have a hard time identifying what’s on their networks, who might have access to those devices and how to control the behavior of those actors. It’s even harder with more IoT devices being brought into the workplace and used by all kinds of folks: employees, partners, vendors, etc.

Dan: I suspect that’s the main reasons that all IT Security folks should attend the Unusual Suspects Tour?

Brian: The event is an opportunity for folks to get together, build their networks and learn from each other. We also have some great customer speakers who will be talking about some of the challenges they face and how they’re dealing with them.

In addition, we also have Jerry Gamblin (@JGamblin), a security professional and white hat hacker to talk about IoT security and will share some of his recent research and show how easy it is for criminals to hack the least expected devices on a corporate network and use them to pivot around to find the company’s crown jewels.

Dan: What are you looking forward to most at the New York BPS Event?

Brian: My ForeScout responsibilities are global, so I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world speaking with customers. I couldn’t be more excited to host the next BPS in my hometown of NYC. Yes, I may be biased, but NYC offers the best of everything in the world. From food to culture…etc…

Dan: The event will be held at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in the heart of Midtown and the New York City theater district. Many of us may be commuting in for the day and want to avoid traffic. To take full advantage of the NY location, and help some of us kill time to beat traffic, where do you recommend that I, super hip trendy foodie, go for the best places to eat and drink within walking distance to the event?

Brian: For the “super hip trendy foodie” such as yourself, I’d recommend Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar on 44th Street. [insert sarcastic tone here]

For everyone else, here are a couple of insider NY options:

If you’re just looking for drinks with a NY flair, Lantern’s Keep in the unassuming Iroquois Hotel on 44th Street has impeccable cocktails in a dimly lit, old school NY atmosphere. For traditional Irish Pub’s with great pints, the Long Room on 44th, Perfect Pint on 45th and Beer Culture on 45th (dead-center in Hell’s Kitchen) offer the best options. Lastly, Bar 54, New York City’s highest rooftop bar, is a vibrant late night cocktail bar with some of the best views NYC has to offer.

The Renaissance Hotel is a hidden gem amongst the insanity that is Times Square. Located on the corner of Two Times Square and 48th Street is a bar/restaurant with an unobstructed bird’s eye-view of iconic Times Square. Here you will find Blue Ribbon Fried chicken without the hour long wait times commonly associated with the original downtown location, which touts an excellent drink list.

Next, is a personal favorite of mine (as a self-proclaimed sushi aficionado), called Sushi of Gari on 46th Street. Seriously, I’ve eaten everywhere from Tokyo to Hong Kong to London and nothing has compared. An absolute must is their Omakase, which is Japanese for “I’ll leave it up to you” …aka Chef’s choice. *Warning* only for adventurous eaters with appetites as big as their wallets. Don’t worry, personal preferences and dietary restrictions are certainly taken into consideration.

And, if you are into a little dirtier menu like a blogger I know, go to City Kitchen on 44th Street and 8th Avenue, a food hall offering some of NY’s best quick and easy comfort food, or “Fast Casual” as it is now commonly referred to. Here you will find the highly sought-after Dough doughnuts, Luke’s lobster rolls and Whitman’s burgers, which are some of the best in NY.

Dan: OK, I am on Broadway for the conference, any show/theater recommendations?

Brian: My first recommendation is to forget seeing Hamilton unless you’re willing to forgo a grand per ticket on Stub Hub. But don’t fret, there are so many other phenomenal options to check out. I’ve heard Larry David’s “Fish in the Dark” is hilarious and it’s currently staring Seinfeld’s own Jason Alexander. To buy tickets, you can attempt getting discount tickets through TKTS online or StubHub, otherwise walk to the theater and buy directly. At all theatres, you can get face value tickets without having to pay internet fees. It’s quick, painless and easy.

Dan: At this point in the blog I’m assuming you’re a little hungry or thirsty. Before you run off to one of these spots, do make sure to go to this registration site and sign up for the New York Best Practices Seminar. We look forward to seeing you there.


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