Silicon Alley, NY

June 10, 2016 Brian Gumbel

Silicon Alley. Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re not a New Yorker, you may not be familiar with one of the hippest areas of the city. Paying homage to the famous Silicon Valley in Northern California, also home to ForeScout corporate headquarters, this prestigious neighborhood is home to the “who’s who” of the tech innovation world.

When searching for the right location for our New York office, we had a few criteria.

  1. ForeScout is growing incredibly rapidly and while we’re in a hot industry with stellar technology, coupled with our dashing good looks, we wanted an office that will entice the right talent to join our team.
  2. We’re very proud of the culture we’re building at ForeScout, starting with Michael DeCesare at the top and permeating throughout the organization. We’re cutting edge, entrepreneurial, fun and at the forefront of the tech industry. We needed an office that embodies our vibe and builds team comradery. I can tell you it’s already working- our next activity is a group Soul Cycle class together. It’s a cardio party. Did we mention we’re also walking distance to the meat-packing district?
  3. Being in a fun neighborhood where we can drive inspiration from our high-tech peers was also important to us. From Twitter to Spotify to KickStarter, we’re in really great company.
  4. With our rapid growth, we also wanted an office that will scale with us. We need a place to hold all our new talent! In the past year we’ve more than doubled our headcount in the region and are still hiring. Shameless plug for our open positions.

At the heart of it all, what we really wanted was the capacity to add localized account resources for some of our biggest customers. Our new NY office supports our continued commitment to customer satisfaction and increasing our customer support presence locally is a great step towards achieving our goals.

To that end, stay tuned for another blog announcing a new dedicated customer support center. I won’t tell you where. Let’s just say, everything tends to be bigger there.


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